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30 x Program Boxes = $450
5 x Masque 50 ml = $187
1 x Pro Masque 150 ml = $56
1x Pro Serum 150 ml = $56
10 x Single tubes = $50

Valued at $799


Profit of $2,778 when you follow our 
suggested pricing
*New client offer only

Works in 4 minutes

Clinically proven to regenerate broken bonds in 4 minutes — No need to add time to your appointment

FIRST Treatment reverses damage by up to 82%

Repairing previously broken disulfide bonds before coloring will cause less breakage during bleaching services

Won’t wash out 

Restored bonds stay together, even after washing hair. Strength and integrity of the hair is maintained

Preps hair before coloring

 K18™️ penetrates into the hair’s cortex to restore natural strength and elasticity before you even apply bleach or color

What Salon owners Are saying

"What surprised me the most is actually how quick it works... You sorta think its a gimmick but then when you use it, you're like, omg the hair actually feels amazing!" 

- Elly,

Chumba Concept Salon
Leading Melbourne Color  Salon

"Most of time you're sitting at the bowl for 40 minutes with deep conditioner on the hair,. This took 4 minutes, and then another 4 minutes and the hair felt like that - it was mind boggling to me."

- Colleen Flatherty

Master Colorist 

"K18™️ is the boost. K18™️ is the answer. It's changed the way I believe in treatments and the way I apply them in the salon" 

- Joe, 

rokk ebony 
(17-times Best Salon of the Year, Melbourne)



"K18™️ was used to ensure the clients hair remains healthy and shiny throughout the process - as well as reducing the porosity of the hair for longer lasting colour"

- Stevie English

Stevie English Hair

"The clients hair was prepped with K18™️ Serum prior to lightening, and finished with K18™️ Masque to protect the hair from any damage. The results speak for themselves. Healthy, shiny, gorgeous hair ♥️♥️♥️"

- Anna,

The Collective Hair Artistry


When will my products arrive? 
We ship the next day (unless it's Friday, then we will ship on the following Monday). Orders will arrive within 2 business days.  We ship from our warehouse in San Francisco. 
What happens after I order?
Once you purchase the package, you we will ask to you provide your resellers permit (if you have one) and your Cosmetologist license. You will also get an invite to training with our Director of Education, Scott Markin. 
What's included in the training?
We teach you everything you need to ensure K18™️ is a success in your salon. 
We will cover: 
1. How to use the K18 serum and masque for best results
2. How to price Khairpep in-salon services & retail products
3. How to make a minimum of $1,000 extra revenue from our range per month per stylist 
How long will training take?
Less than 30 minutes total. 
How long will the launch offer last my salon?
It depends on the size of your salon! If you're a single operator, seeing 25 clients a week and 40% of your clients take up K18, it will last you approximately one month. Our top clients have up to 80% of their clients using K18 so if that's the case you may need to re-order! 
Whats the best way to get my team involved?
Get them to use K18™️  on themselves - we will provide extra samples for you! Your offer includes 10 sample tubes for your staff to try. Need more? Send us an email at hello@khairpep.com and we will send you more! 
How do I re-order?
You can re-order online on our website! We'll set you up with an account once you officially become a stockist. Ordering online will ensure you'll get access to perks such as our loyalty program, 
What if I don't like K18™️ after I purchase? 
We don't think you'll have that problem, but if you have any issues using the product please give us a call right away! We are happy to give you a full refund if you don't like the product. 
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